By the end of the weekend, I should have helped to found a new company.

This weekend, I am participating in an event called the Startup Weekend DC. Here’s the explanation of the concept from the organization’s homepage:

Have you ever wondered
what a group of highly talented and motivated people could accomplish in a weekend? Could they start a company from concept to completion?

StartupWeekend answers that question and more. A unique three-day experience, StartupWeekend brings the best and brightest people together in a local office space to select the concept, break into teams, and develop the product, marketing and revenue model.

Occurring in cities across the world, StartupWeekend is the new way to allow your local entrepreneurial community to come together and incubate a company from concept to completion in just three days.

I heard about StartupWeekend about a month ago when I was reading the blog called Silicon Alley Insider. They wrote about the New York City session, which was unable to start a company by the end of the weekend. I hope that we will be a little more successful.

After the weekend, I will write a follow-up post to describe my experience and (fingers-crossed) the company I helped to found.


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