"Cool" Just Isn’t Enough…

I recently read the following quote from a Washington Post blog about the Digital Music Forum in New York City:

“A member of the audience then posed an pointed question: Isn’t simply being cool the secret to success? Consider Apple, for example. Napster became popular because it was considered “cool.” Now iMeem is benefiting from its cool factor.”

My answer to this questions is no… in the digital world, you should focus on utility, and cool should be the outcome. What makes technology “cool” is getting cool people to use it. And, if the service has no utility, then cool won’t help you for very long.

Now, mind you, “cool people” in the technology world that use products like Apple/Napster/iMeem aren’t the same “cool people” that spend hundreds of dollars on vintage Nikes. Even though they aren’t the same, they do share a similar quality… they are leaders in their respective groups.

So, to make you product “cool”, you need to find what motives the leaders and develop products they want to use.


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