My name is William Alexander Russo, but everyone knows me as Alex.  I am a management researcher and strategy consultant based in Arlington, Va.

I love ideas. I am paid to read, think, and solve problems all day long… and I love it. I hope to use this blog to publish what I am thinking about in the moment, getting others to think as a result.


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  1. Bill Russo on

    several thoughts… i agree in part on the NYTtimes, but i think actually they will need also to upgrade their speed while retaining their accuracy, (whether biased or not from a National Review perspective), that there is a place in the future for facts, really accurate facts from a source who trust for accuracy… the unedited web can’t offer that in full. but it requires a different infrastructure and schema of organization for that to happen.

    two, National Review has always had it head in two warring camps: the so-called social conservatives (who i don’t think are conservative but rather statists, like the Bill Buckley who painted not only Yale (which was ideologically slanted, extremely) but almost every non-conservative media as tilting liberally and the Bill Buckley who had an liberatarian, a 19th century liberal streak. In his and the founding days of conservatism, he could meld both camps; with the socalled triumph of conservatism he couldn’t because the social conservatives in fact were the only part that won, and they tried to expell the rest. Buckley’s literial son (Christopher) carries on this liberatian conservative side; his metaphorical son (NR) carries on the illiberal social conservative side.

    Or put another way, Buckley (and NR) fought a religious war within themselves: the tolerant to a fault Anglican slanted Anglophile side and the intolerant to a fault Catholic side.

    thanks the for the thougts… you provoked more thoughts on my part, which i always cherish.

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